Schedule: Sat. 8 am EST & 1 pm WAT/GMT.

Genre: Romance

Creative Director: Abisola Obafunso

Production: KeduTV Original

Crew: Aso Oke, Makeup, Fabric, Designer, Gele Stylist, Shoes & Purse, Accessories (Beads), Photographer, and Hairstylist.

Titilai is a family shoot production project. Titilai was an instruction from God, and Season 1 is specifically to bless 12 different families celebrating 5-10 years of marriages adorning these families from head to toe.

The aim was just to appreciate these beautiful families for doing marriages right according to how God orchestrated it to be each month throughout the year 2020.

The project started in January 2020 and working with a couple of amazing companies like KeduTV, who happens to be one of our major partners in this project to put a beautiful smile on these families’ faces.

Titilai season 2 commences January 2021 with a new dimension and strategy. We will be rolling out packages and making the family project open to all willing to celebrate their anniversary be it wedding or birthday anniversaries.

The show is televised on KeduTV via KBox and Roku Devices on Saturday 8 am & 12 pm EST also at 1 pm & 5 pm WAT/GMT.